Where to Place An Air Purifier: 7 Golden Rules

Where to Place An Air Purifier: 7 Golden Rules

Studies show that the proper placement of an air purifier can boost its effectiveness by up to 20%. What’s more, you can lose more than 50% of its overall capacity if you place an air purifier in unideal locations. However, many people, when they buy an air purifier, have no idea where to strategically place it. 

In this article, we will help you find the best location to place an air purifier and how to get the most out of your unit. Read further.


Why Air Purifier’s Location Matters

An air purifier operates by drawing contaminated air in with a fan. As the unfiltered air enters the device, it removes air particles to produce better quality indoor air. The room is then filled with clean air once more. Where you place an air purifier has a significant impact on how well it will work because air enters through the device’s front.

When purchasing an air purifier, many new users have no idea where to strategically place it. They commonly place an air purifier behind the TV or in a hidden area. The worst thing you can do is this since it prevents airflow from reaching the unit. As a result, your air will not be properly filtered. By simply positioning the air purifier in an ideal location, you can enhance its efficiency by 20%.


How to Choose the Best Place for Air Purifier

Let’s maximize your air purifier’s efficiency! Here’s a checklist for you to make sure you’re getting more than what you paid for.

  1. Room Size – Not all air purifiers are created equal. It is designed for different room sizes, capacities, and many other factors. Check your room size and the capacity of your unit to see where it can properly fit. For instance, if you put a large air purifier in a small room, it will limit its function. Yes, you’re getting cleaner air, but you’re wasting costs
  2. Odor Sources – Air purifiers can help you remove unpleasant odors. Placing one in a room that has these types of smells, like in the kitchen (as a result of the garbage and other kitchen activities) is beneficial. 
  3. Height – If you’re not yet familiar, you should know that the hot air in a room rises. This means you should not place an air purifier on the ground as much as possible. It would be better to keep it about 3 to 5 feet off the ground. 
  4. Airflow – Since air purifiers work by drawing contaminated air toward their filters, you can help them by placing them in an area where there’s no air blockage—an area where the air flows freely. The stronger the airflow, the more clean air you’ll get. 


7 Rules of Where to Place An Air Purifier

After purchasing your air purifier, the next step would be finding the best location where to place an air purifier in your home. Here are some of the things your air purifier wanted to tell you:

1. Place Me Where I Can Function the Most

Common sense is needed in this part. Even without the experts, you have the idea of which part of your home has the worst air pollutants such as smoke, odor, molds, and other harmful airborne particles. Place your unit where there is a higher concentration of pollutants. In most cases, it’s in the kitchen. However, it still varies. 

2. Keep Me Off the Floor!

Indoor air circulates in two different directions: horizontal and vertical. When you place an air purifier about 3 to 5 feet from the ground, it can capture the air from both directions. To do this, you can place or elevate them on the wall to get the best result.

3. Put Me Where There is a High Airflow

Although the device draws air towards itself to clean it, helping your unit clean more air by placing it in an area with a high airflow can transform cleaner air quicker. We’re talking about near a doorway, window, walls, etc. These are entry points and capturing pollutants right from these areas creates your first line of defense before they spread throughout the room.

4. I Don’t Want to Stay in the Corner

This is one of the most common mistakes of air purifier owners and it’s definitely a no-no. The airflow in the corner of a room is low, limiting your air purifier to do its function. 

5. Don’t Block Me!

Optimize the airflow by removing all the unnecessary obstacles around your air purifier. As a general rule, your device must have at least 3 feet of space in all directions. Doing this will allow your air purifier to function at its maximum capacity. 

6. Don’t Put Me in An Area with High Humidity

High humidity is equivalent to heavier air, and with heavy air, the air purifier will have to work harder to clean it. Humid air can reduce the capacity of an air purifier’s air filter, especially for HEPA filters. These are the specific parts that capture the air particles. If you’re planning to place your unit in such places, you can help it function well by putting also a dehumidifier to help deal with the high humidity.

7. Keep Me Away from Electronic Devices

Another important thing to take note of—don’t put your air purifier near an electronic device including a TV, microwave, refrigerator, and many more. This might be harmful to your air purifier’s function. It would be best to keep them at least 5 feet away from these materials. 


In Conclusion

Finding the best location to place an air purifier can sometimes be challenging. However, when you follow these tips and rules, you’re helping your unit function at its maximum capacity, allowing you to get the most out of your device.

If you’re looking for a reliable air purifier or air filter to help you get better indoor air quality, let’s get you started! Our team of experts will guide you from which type of devices you need to where you can strategically place them. Get in touch with us

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