air purifiers work with windows open

Do Air Purifiers Work with Windows Open?

Many users are wondering whether or not they can use their air purifiers while the windows are open. The answer to this question is pretty obvious—yes, however, the problem lies with efficiency. To help you understand the facts, we have put together some insightful information in this article. Read further to know more if air purifiers work with windows open.


Can I Use the Air Purifier with Windows Open?

Although an air purifier can run even with the windows of the room open, it will not be as efficient as it should be. The procedure of air purifiers in cleaning the indoor air is halted when windows are opened, and any outdoor particles that are present will enter your home through the windows. Prior to opening the windows, keep in mind that the air purifier will have to clean the room’s air from scratch, potentially requiring a restart of the air purification procedure.

To give you a better look, consider how a refrigerator operates. Its main job is to chill the air inside of it, right? Similar to this, an air purifier’s primary function is to filter out airborne impurities that affect indoor air quality. Will a refrigerator still work if the door is open? Absolutely, yes. The same goes for an air purifier. It will still clean the air around as much as possible. However, with the windows open, it is limiting its efficiency level. 

When Using An Air Purifier with Windows Open

When windows or doors are open, outdoor air pollutants will keep on coming inside the room. The air purifier will then try to filter as many air particles as it can in the best way it could. However, if your unit is already having a hard time cleaning the air coming in from the outside, the result may pose health risks to people inside the room.

It may also affect your energy consumption. When the air purifier starts to operate at its maximum capacity, more than usual, it will equate to higher energy consumption as its operating system is forced to be at its 100% ability to clean as much as it could. 

Forcing your unit to run at maximum capacity at all times can also affect the lifespan of your air purifier. Plus, your air filters will have to be changed or cleaned more often than the recommended duration. 

These are just some of the reasons why it’s still better to operate an air purifier with closed windows and doors. As you noticed, it is possible to operate, however, there are many cons mainly on the cost of running an air purifier


Factors to Consider Before Opening A Window

Technically, no one will stop you from opening windows or doors while running your air purifier even after reading the facts. But before you hold that window handle, here are insightful facts you should consider.

  1. Your Outdoor Environment – Ask yourself if the outdoors has a clean environment or not. If you live in an area with too much air pollution such as smoke, car exhaust, etc., you will only give extra work to your air purifier.
  2. Energy Cost – As discussed earlier, when the outdoor environment is unhealthy, keep your windows closed. Additional duty to your air purifier will cost you more than you expected. 
  3. Time – If you’re someone who has allergies, respiratory problems, and other health issues that can be affected by indoor air quality, time can be a pretty important factor. The amount of time you deal with low-quality air directly affects how long you will have to keep it operating.



To save costs and energy and keep you away from potential health issues, keep your windows and doors close as much as possible while air purifiers are running. It will help you get the quality indoor air you need at a minimum cost. 

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