Election Day 2022 Philippines

How to Vote Wisely and Safely this Election Day

Election Day in the Philippines is just a few days from now. Have you decided yet on the candidates you’ll be voting for? To provide you with better insights on why your single vote is important and how you can vote wisely and safely this election day, we’ve prepared a guide for you. Read further to know more. 


Why Your Vote Matters

At least once in your life, you might have thought of the reason why your vote matters when it’s just one vote out of the millions. If you think it will not make much of a difference, you might want to think twice. 

Every vote counts. Consider some of the instances when the voting results turned out to be as close as just a few votes from other candidates. There are real occurrences of such events in U.S. history. 

If your one vote joins other votes, it will create a whole difference, especially for local candidates where voters are fewer compared to national positions. This makes your single vote even more meaningful.

Why Do We Vote?

One thing you should know as a Filipino citizen, voting is your civic duty. You can think of it as self-expression by choosing the candidates you think are right for the positions. 


Your Responsibility as a Voter

As a registered voter, you have your responsibility not only to choose the leaders you think would be the best for the local and national positions, but your role also extends to the following: 

  • Get yourself familiar with the candidates and issues to know them better. This will help you choose the right leaders for the right positions. 
  • Determine your specific precinct and polling place as well as its hours of operations. Remember that you cannot just vote anywhere you want. Each voter has his assigned polling station where he can cast his vote. Being aware of its operation time will help you ensure to do your responsibility as a citizen.
  • Bring your valid identification cards to the polling station. Note that without this, election authorities may not allow you to vote.
  • Once you’re in your designated polling station, listen and read every instruction to prevent mistakes and to make sure your vote will count. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if needed.
  • Treat all precinct workers with respect and courtesy.
  • Respect the privacy and decision of other voters. 
  • Before submitting your ballot, make sure your completed ballot is correct with the right shades on your chosen candidates.
  • Report any issues or violations of election laws to the election authorities. 


Tips to Safely Vote During the Pandemic

After years since its first cases, COVID-19 is still out there. There is also some news about the insights of health experts that the Philippines will experience another surge of COVID-19 cases after the May 2022 election day. This is why you should not let your guard down and be more careful when going to your polling station. 

Here are some tips you can do to safety vote during this pandemic:

  1. Always wear your face mask properly when you are in the polling station.
  2. As much as possible, spend most of your wait time outdoors.
  3. It is ideal to determine the less busy time of the voting hours and use this time to vote.
  4. Avoid staying in crowded spaces and follow social distancing rules.
  5. Make sure you have your own sanitizer to allow you to use it anytime you need it.
  6. Bring your own pen to avoid borrowing from other people.

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To avoid errors during the actual elections day, it is important that you know well by heart the names of the candidates you’ll be voting for. 

Here’s a tip for you: You may practice filling out the form using this app that provides you with a sample ballot and allows you to download it to your phone or print it for your own reference.


Your Vote Counts. Vote Wisely!

This election day, make your voice be heard by choosing carefully the leaders that you will assign to all the important national and local positions. Remember that you are putting the welfare and the future of our people and community in the hands of these individuals. So keep in mind to vote wisely!

If you’re not a voter yet, you can still participate in the election process. You may not be able to cast your vote, but you can get yourself involved:

  • Be informed. Keep yourself up-to-date on the important issues. Read from trusted resources and make your stand. 
  • Voice out your opinion. You can help some people be informed and absorb the right details by talking about the strengths of the candidates.
  • Volunteer. Support your candidates by voluntarily participating in their activities such as campaign rallies, outreach, creating merch, and many more. 

Being a part of the election is your right as a citizen in the Philippines. No matter what you believe or whom you support, it is important to play your part on this important day for our country and our people. 

Exercise your rights and vote safely and wisely.

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