Love is in the Air and There’s Something More

“Love is in the air, Everywhere I look around. Love is in the air, Every sight and every sound.”

—John Paul Young

These are flourishing times for love! Everywhere you look and everywhere you go, love is all around. However, it’s not just love that’s in the air. The air you breathe has a lot of pollutants too! 

Let’s take a closer look at the air you breathe and how you can help reduce air pollution with the tips we’ve gathered for you. Let’s spread love as you read further.


Things You Should Know About the Air You Breathe

Not because you can’t see it means it doesn’t exist. The air you breathe may be contaminated with different types and levels of air pollutants. No matter where you are, whether it’s indoor or outdoor, you can be exposed to air pollution. What will vary depending on location are the type of pollutants and the amount of exposure. 

If you’re on a busy road like a city, exposure is higher than the rural areas. Your daily activities have a lot to say too. Idling cars, chemicals we use at home, equipment and materials, and many more can contribute to the overall pollution, and getting exposed to these harmful air pollutants may affect you or the people you love in many ways. 


Why You Should Care About the Air Quality

For once, at least in a film, you might have heard the famous line in intimate relationships, “If you love me, you should do this.” It’s exactly the same thing why you should care about the quality of the air we breathe. You should care because it can directly affect your health or that of the people you love. 

This illustration shows the type of pollutant and its effects on the health of those who inhale it.

Health Effects of Air Pollution

Health Effects of Air Pollution

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are about 7 million premature deaths every year that is related to air pollution, which is equivalent to 800 persons every hour or 13 persons every minute. 

It’s not just that; children, elderlies, and people with respiratory issues are the most at risk. It was estimated that about 600,000 children die every year caused by air pollution. This is because exposure to pollutants may result in chronic disease and affect brain development, leading to cognitive and motor impairments. 

So you might want to think twice before doing anything that can contribute to air pollution.


Ready to Take Action?

If you want to have more remarkable moments with your partner or your loved ones, it’s time you become a part of the solution. There are a lot of ways to reduce air pollution. Even through your simple actions, you can make a positive difference. Here are some practices you can do to help improve the air we breathe.

               ✓ Use public transport when going to places.

               ✓ Turn off the lights when not in use.

               ✓ Recycle and Reuse materials.

               ✓ Say no to single-use plastics.

               ✓ Reduce forest fires and smoking.

               ✓ Lessen the use of air conditioners and shift to fans.

               ✓ Avoid using firecrackers.

               ✓ Use reliable air purifiers or an air filtration system, and many more.

Remember these tips and take them step-by-step. By simply living a more responsible and sustainable life, you can create a significant impact for yourself, the communities, and the environment we live in. This way, we can finally say that love, indeed, is the air.

Let’s make your indoor air quality better with reliable air filtration products and services that provide real value for money. If you’re ready to take action for everyone you care about, get in touch with us.

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