Closing Doors and Windows: Does It Deprive You of Oxygen?

Closing Doors and Windows: Does It Deprive You of Oxygen?

Air purifiers are best used in an enclosed area. However, there are cases where people think that closing doors and windows will deprive them of oxygen. Let’s find out if it is true or not in this article. Read on to know more.


Closing Doors and Windows Will Not Affect the Oxygen Level

Let’s be real here: According to some research studies, when you close all the doors and windows in a small enclosed room with 7 people, the oxygen level will not decrease even by 1%. This only shows that the action does not affect the level in any way as there is still enough oxygen inside.

But what if you’re stuck in a sealed room? Researchers have tested it as well. Many homes and enclosed areas do not have high-quality insulation tape to seal the environment properly. This is one of the reasons why the oxygen level does not drop in these places. However, for sealed areas, you will have enough oxygen levels for more than 10 days. 


How About the Level of Carbon Dioxide?

People don’t use as much oxygen as you think. That’s why being trapped in a sealed room for several days will not be much of an issue. But what about the level of carbon dioxide in a closed room?

Having too much carbon dioxide in an enclosed room will make you feel a bit drowsy. It will also affect your focus not only on work but on your overall activities. For instance, professionals working in an office. Since an office space commonly is a sealed area, if it gets dusty and full of CO2, it will result in staff having issues with their work performance and cognitive function


3 Simple and Efficient Ways to Lower the Carbon Dioxide

If you want to prevent having a lot of carbon dioxide in your room, there are hassle-free techniques you can do for cleaner and healthier indoor air. 

1. Regularly Open Your Windows or Doors

It is important to open your doors and/or at least your windows every now and then. Doing this will allow the carbon dioxide in your room to get out. However, another issue may occur: it will invite air pollution to enter your home, which will affect the quality of indoor air and might even be the cause of airborne disease. 

But fret not as there is a way to prevent this from happening. Having a reliable air purifier in your room can help provide you with the healthy indoor air you deserve. 

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2. Leave Your Windows Partially Open 

If it’s possible, especially if you’re just sticking around the room, it is better to open the windows a tiny bit. If you worry about your air purifier, it can still be effective according to a test. 

3. Have a Central Air System

This is especially ideal for offices and other establishments with many people as it is undeniably costly, however, its great results and benefits ensure that it’s all worth it. 

For homeowners, your alternative option aside from having an air purifier is choosing a unit that offers this feature such as an apartment or a condominium. 


Key Takeaways

Closing doors and windows do not significantly affect the oxygen level, especially for areas that are not properly sealed. There is a much more concerning issue – the carbon dioxide level. So the next time you are in an indoor space, you know what to do. Follow the simple ways we discussed to lower the carbon dioxide for a cleaner and healthier quality indoor air.

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