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6 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

We’ve welcomed another year full of hope and energy. As a new year signifies a fresh start, many set their goals such as building a better career, listing places to visit, or things to buy. However, some items will always be on every person’s new year’s resolutions: health-related goals such as starting a diet or exercise.

Making a list of healthy new year’s resolutions is easy, but most often than not, implementing them can be a challenge. It happens as some items on the list are highly restrictive and unsustainable. This is why one-third of people break them by the end of January. 

To break the cycle and start and end the year with a healthier lifestyle, it’s important to pick the goals that are attainable and sustainable according to your abilities and personal facts.


6 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions 

If you’re not sure what to include on your new year’s resolutions this 2022, here’s a list of 6 simple and healthy suggestions for a new year, new you.

1. Be More Active

Many people sit or slack off more than they should. Believe it or not, it may negatively affect your health in many ways. Consider being more active as a part of this year’s list for a healthier you. 

For instance, if your job pins you to a chair for a long period, promise yourself to get up, do some stretches or walk for at least 5 minutes every hour. If a lot is going on your tasks for the day, a 15-minute walk at lunchtime would be sufficient.

2. Start a Healthy Diet

As you jump into a healthier set of foods, practice and observe slowing down between bites. This way, you can avoid overeating as it allows you to quickly recognize when you’re full. 

Moreover, starting a healthy diet means changing the set of foods you’re taking in, from unhealthy to healthier options. However, giving in your cravings one-time, big-time can make you kind of hate dieting. To avoid this, try swapping options one or two at a time. 

For example, if you love having a can of soda every meal, have a glass of water instead. Every time you get used to the change, add another one. You’ll see sooner or later that your small steps will create a more significant impact on your health.

3. Practice Self-care

Trust us, there’s nothing wrong with taking some “me time” now and then. It is, in fact, imperative for your overall health and well-being, especially for parents. It can help reduce stress and improve your overall outlook on the things you’re currently dealing with.

If you’re the type with busy schedules, engaging in self-care may take time, but it’s all worth it. You don’t want to be burned out with a lot of things going on in your daily life. It can help you think clearer and have a more peaceful tone for the day. 

It doesn’t always have to be something grand. It can simply be taking a few minutes for leisure or your hobbies, getting enough sleep, or taking a walk for some fresh air. 

4. Try Meditation 

One of the most important parts of you that you should take good care of is your mental well-being. Meditation can help you feel more relaxed and have a peaceful mind. This is particularly helpful for people with anxiety or depression. 

There are many ways to meditate. Apart from getting help from professionals, you can check out some books, podcasts, or apps that will teach you how to do it according to your needs. 

5. Get More Quality Sleep

A healthy person must have at least 7 hours of sleep every night. People with sleep less than 7 hours are less likely to be active and are more likely to gain weight. Sleep deprivation may lead to various health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, depression, asthma, and many more. 

If you’re struggling to reach the ideal hours of sleep, there might be a reason why. Sometimes, the physical environment of your bedroom may have something to do with it. Try keeping your area cool and dark.

Another factor that may be affecting your sleep is indoor air quality. Try getting a value-for-money air purifier for your room. Apart from providing you with better air quality, it will also help you improve sleep every day. 

6. Have a Better Indoor Air Quality

Start and end your year healthy with better indoor air quality. Say no more to allergies and other inborne illnesses. To achieve quality indoor air for a healthier 2022, an air purifier can help you. It captures about 99% of particles in the air, preventing you from absorbing the particles that cause health issues. 

There are a lot of options for air purifiers, but always trust the ones that are reliable and give you genuine value for money. 

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The Bottom Line

If you want to start the year right, have a list of healthy new year’s resolutions you can actually keep like these 6 simple and achievable items we have shared with you. Also, if you truly want to reach your goals, make sure your discipline aligns with them. It is a key ingredient to make this year a remarkable one for you.

If you’re eyeing quality sleep or better indoor air, Buoyant can provide you with reliable and value-for-money air purifiers. We have wide options to choose from based on your needs. Contact us and we will help you get the best air choice for you. 

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