New Year Celebration: Health Impacts of Festival Fireworks

New Year Celebration: Health Impacts of Festival Fireworks

We’ve made it to the tail end of 2021 with all our achievements, experiences, lessons, and successes. As we wrap up the year, we’re welcoming a new year filled with hopes and good vibes. And what could be a more festive way to celebrate all these than our traditional method—vibrant festival fireworks!

In every festivity, we always love to see those brilliant lights shining up in the sky, especially during the new year celebration, however, these festival fireworks may have a significant impact on our health. Learn more as you read further.


Impacts of Festival Fireworks on Health

A new year comes with a significant increase of harmful gaseous compounds, particularly when the clock strikes 12. The use of fireworks and other firecrackers generates an anthropogenic source of pollutants in the air. It creates up to eight times the average particulate matter concentration in the environment. When you get exposed to fireworks-related particulate matter, it can lead to respiratory illnesses becoming worse, especially to children, the elderly, and people with asthma and other respiratory issues. 

Particulate matter (PM) is among the top environmental health concerns globally. According to data, nearly 3 million people around the world died in 2017 as a result of too much exposure to PM2.5—tiny particles that reduce visibility, causing the air to appear hazy. In addition to this, PM and other harmful gases from fireworks can also trigger cardiovascular diseases and reduce lung function. 

In the University of Birmingham and the Health Effects Institute, Dr. Ajit Singh said, “While sources of particulate matter such as power plants and vehicles are of concern, events with fireworks and bonfires can increase ambient PM levels and lead to short-term adverse effects on air quality, visibility, and human health.”

The researchers from Boston, USA found out that when combined with certain weather conditions, fireworks displays tend to influence the extent of people’s exposure to particulate matter. The season can encourage the build-up of pollution through low boundary layer heights and low horizontal dispersion. When used at ground level, people can also get directly exposed to metallic fumes released from handheld firecrackers, which include sparklers.


After studying some available research, professionals listed some conclusions related to the above-mentioned facts:

  • Air quality alerts ahead of fireworks events could help ensure that exposure is minimized, especially for vulnerable people.
  • Field measurements of firework events should aim to collect data before, during, and after the event and detailed meteorological data should also be collected.
  • Global satellite measurements during firework events could help to understand variations in pollutant concentrations related to firework events.
  • Future studies should focus on the characterization of health effects associated with acute exposure to air pollutants during fireworks events.
  • Further analysis on the toxicity of fireworks-related particles could also help to improve understanding of the health impacts
  • Studies to understand the impact of the policy on air quality during fireworks events will help to regulate fireworks-related emissions.


How to Have Quality Indoor Air

During the new year celebration, the quality of indoor air is low as a result of the fireworks and firecrackers outdoors. But it doesn’t mean you will just accept it. You can protect yourself and your family this season. One way to achieve it is through having a quality air filtration system or a reliable air purifier for your home. 

These products help clean the indoor air, keeping you safe from pollution. Air filters and air purifiers can help remove up to 99% of air contaminants that are within the size of up to 0.3 microns. It will not only provide you with quality indoor air, but also keep you safe and protected from all the harmful gas and contaminants in the air, including the particles that cause the COVID-19 disease.


Key Takeaways

Another amazing year is here to unfold. But before anything, make sure you prepare for the new year celebration. Protect the health of everyone in your home as we enter a new stage, especially now that the COVID-19 cases are increasing once again. Celebrate the festivity with caution. Find the ideal and quality air filtration system and products perfect for your place.

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