Air Purifiers: Your Key to Improve Sleep and Reduce Snoring

Air Purifiers: Your Key to Improve Sleep and Reduce Snoring

Finding it hard to sleep every night yet can’t figure out why? Maybe it’s because of the air quality in your bedroom. An air purifier might help you improve sleep and reduce snoring. 

After a long day of doing all the hustle, all we look forward to is a good night’s rest to recharge and get ready to conquer a new day. But what will you do if you can’t seem to sleep even if you’re already in your perfect sleeping position or have great sleeping habits? 

Don’t ignore this issue! Lack of sleep can negatively affect your overall mood and mindset. It can even lead to various health issues. CNN, a popular news site, reports that the lack of sleep of many individuals costs the US economy about $63 billion per year. That’s a lot, right? And we need an efficient solution to address the difficulty in sleeping. 

Read on to learn more about how an air purifier can help improve sleep and why it could make all the difference in your daily life.


What are the Causes of Poor Sleep?

If you’re having trouble sleeping, it may be linked to some health issues or other factors that affect quality sleep. There are a lot of sleep issues you may come across. To give you ideas, here are just some of the possible causes why people experience poor sleep: 

  • Medical – Health issues can sometimes affect sleep. Asthma causes difficulty in breathing, for instance.
  • Physical – Your body can also be a factor, especially when you have headaches or body pain.
  • Psychiatric – People who are feeling stress and those with depression and anxiety disorder reported to have difficulty sleeping. According to a study, three-quarters of the population with depression have symptoms of insomnia.
  • Night Shift – Your work hours may also be a factor. If your schedule is on a graveyard shift, your body clock needs to adjust. Some employees report having trouble adjusting to their work schedule, which also affects their sleep.
  • Environmental – Sleep hygiene, lighting, noise (including your roommate snoring), and air pollution are just some of the major factors. 

But here’s the thing: Believe it or not, air pollution can increase your chances of having poor sleep by up to 60% as bad odor, fumes, and pollutants can irritate your respiratory system. And you’ll know why as you read more. 


Can Air Quality Truly Improve Sleep?

We don’t normally hear or read it, but it’s definitely true. A study shows that 55.1% of 256 university students reported that air quality in their bedrooms affects their sleep. Sleep disorders such as snoring and other interference increase by 13% when there’s an elevated level of pollution in the area. 

To achieve a good night sleep, you need to get three things off your area:

  • Air pollution in the form of particles and gases (Can make you snore)
  • Allergens and mold spore or dust
  • Unpleasant odors

If you want to maximize your sleep quality, one of the most ideal solutions you got is to have an air purifier, especially inside your bedroom. This technology helps get rid of these indoor air impurities.


5 Benefits of Using An Air Purifier to Improve Sleep

Since air purifiers help improve indoor air quality, many other benefits follow. It includes but is not limited to the following:

1. Improve Sleep Efficiency

The ratio between your total sleep time (TST) and total time in bed (TIB) is your sleep efficiency. You might have experienced at least once in your life going to bed but finding it hard to sleep that even took you hours before doing so. 

The great news is, when you have an air purifier that’s running 24/7, expect a higher percentage of sleep time every night. The better air quality helps you feel more relaxed as it reduces the factors that disrupt sleep, helping you fall asleep fast.

2. Better Sleep Maintenance and Continuity

Ever set a schedule of your sleep and ended up either sleeping too late or waking up too early? Sleep maintenance is when you are on track with your set sleep schedule, and air purifiers can help you deal with it. These products create an environment that keeps you asleep for as long as you planned. 

3. Increase Restfulness

A few weeks after sleeping with an air purifier on, you will probably feel more recharged than your usual days. It makes sense as that’s the result of having quality sleep. Enjoy the benefits of a more active you when you use air purifiers.

4. Reduce Snoring

Do you or your loved ones have snoring problems? There are efficient and natural ways that could help stop it at least to an extent! One of which is by using an air purifier in your bedroom. 

Of course, in some cases, you will have to deal with the underlying medical issues. But most of the time, it’s the poor indoor air quality that causes you to snore; and using an efficient air purifier to address this issue is definitely worth trying.

According to experts, poor air quality can affect your health and irritate your upper body, causing you to snore. The airborne allergens and contaminants may lead you to an itchy throat, congested nose, watery eyes, and many more. But an air purifier helps you get rid of these units.

Air purifiers can capture even the small particles in the air through their filter and then push the clean air back to your area for a cleaner, safer, and healthier indoor air. Even individuals with asthma and other breathing issues can benefit from using an air purifier. 


Why Is It Important to Have a Good Night Sleep?

When you don’t have enough sleep even for a day, the consequences are, it may affect your health, work performance, concentration, and overall mood. That’s how important having a restful night is. 

Here are more benefits you will enjoy when you got all the pleasures of a good night sleep:

  • Reduces stress
  • Helps you lose weight by curbing your food cravings
  • Reduces your risk of having inflammation, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol
  • Makes you more active and engaged
  • Reduces your risk of having depression
  • Improves your focus and memory
  • Helps you be healthier and reduces your risk of getting medical issues such as cancer, stroke, heart attack, and many more.


Quality Air Purifier for Better Sleep

If you’re getting way less than the recommended amount of sleep every day, give an air purifier a try. So long as there’s a possibility to improve sleep and reduce snoring, what can it hurt? 

If you’re checking the market for a quality and efficient air purifier, we got some great options for you! Our air purifiers are medical and industrial-grade designed to capture up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants with its true HEPA filter and high-quality centrifugal fan that can circulate a high volume of air in an enclosed space of 30 to 60 square meters. 

For years, we have been helping in providing quality air for everyone. Contact us to know more about our products and services and how we can help you improve the quality of your sleep.

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